It’s important to keep an eye on updates to the Social Media landscape, as it changes so rapidly. Here are the top trends to look out for midway through 2019.

  • A rise in internet ad spending, particularly on Facebook and Google. This means that freeing up budget for social media advertising is more important than ever to compete in the crowded marketplace.
  • All social media platforms have a massive focus on visual content, compared to previously when a text based status would suffice. It has been fascinating to experience the evolution of visual content creation and sharing.
  • 2019 is the year of stories. People are consuming immediately, of the moment content like never before. As Facebook says, “It’s a great way to reengage a passive audience and bring updates to your entire audience in a dynamic way.” 
  • E-commerce through social media is growing in a big way. With the launch of Instagram Checkout in March of this year, shopping will become a seamless part of the social media experience.
  • Working with influencers is still a big deal in social. Especially when it comes to buying a product, these individuals are able to influence the general public like never before. Although, now they have to be a great deal more transparent about it, with hashtags such as #Ad appearing in their sales copy.