It’s been a busy few weeks at Juniper, with job interviews galore. We thought we’d share our top tips for a successful job interview:

  • Do your research! This is a really obvious starting point but you’ll be surprised how many applicants haven’t even looked at the website, let alone have an understanding of what the company does. It’s really impressive to talk about our previous work, or campaigns you’ve been a fan of as it shows preparation and a genuine interest.
  • Ask insightful questions. At the end of every interview there is an opportunity to ask questions to the interviewer, use this opportunity to show you’ve done your research. Ask questions about movements in the industry, clients of ours or the company culture.
  • Don’t slag off your previous employer. Even if you had a terrible time at your previous job, showing a disdain for your previous employer will only highlight issues you’ve had at work and may make you out to be a hard person to work with. Stay positive!

And most importantly, don’t forget to relax! Your interviewer was in your position once, and knows how scary it can be. Take a breath and even if it doesn’t go well, chalk it up to experience.